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Payroll Specialist & Consultant with over 10 years experience in providing services to
Businesses & Local Authorities.

Payroll Services London was formed to be the first high quality payroll provider with a fixed price to make it fair for all businesses big or small to have a good level of support in their payroll function without breaking the bank. Our fixed priced policy has worked a treat for customers and for us over the past 2 years.

We continue to adopt our clear cut pricing and help sustain during tough business climates. We have become more resilient following the recent pandemic (Covid-19) and have embraced our completely remote operational infrastructure and have continued supporting those key/essential businesses that were required to continue. We consider ourselves key workers as we support many businesses who support many individuals and mortgates.

Paresh chotai

Paresh Chotai

Managing Director

With over 10 years of Business and Experience in the Healthcare sector - Paresh is a strong character with a drive to help others and successfully analyse and develop businesses.

Yasin M

Business Development Executive

Mal Vijay

Business Development Executive


Ali U

Payroll Administrator

Pritam Singh 1

Pritam T

Sales Director

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